Top 10 Plastic Bottle Manufacturers in USA (2023)

Top 10 Plastic Bottle Manufacturers in USA (1)

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Top 10 Plastic Bottle Manufacturers in the USA

Plastic bottle manufacturers play a more vital role in our lives than we ever realize. Bottles are one of the most commonly used and popular products made from plastic, all for an excellent reason. They’re cheaper, more mobile, and prettier than any other alternatives and sure make our lives simpler.

One more thing that will cheer everyone is that more and more bottle manufacturing companies are incorporating 100% recycled or partially recycled plastic for their products.

In 2019, the global plastic bottles and containers industry was worth $39.3 Billion and expected to register a CAGR of 4.2% from the period of 2020 -2025, expected to reach $50.19 billion by 2025, Yes the COVID-19 pandemic gave a temporary setback to the industry, but things are looking bright again because as of me writing this piece people are getting vaccinated quickly around the world and things have almost returned to normal.

So without further ado, Let’s get to our list of top plastic bottle manufacturers:

Top 10 Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Companies In USA –

CompanyAmerican HQAnnual Revenue (USD)Employees
Loews CorporationNew York City12.58 Billion12,200
Amcor plcBuena Park, CA12.50 Billion47,000
Berry Global Group, Inc.Evansville, IN11.71 Billion47,000
Plastipak Packaging, Inc.Plymouth, Michigan2.9 Billion6,600
Graham Packaging Company Inc.Lancaster​, PA1.59 Billion4915
Clack CorporationWindsor, Wisconsin138.58 Million260
Comar LLCVoorhees, NJ102 Million260
Illing CompanyRichfield, WI57 Million229
Bulk ApothecaryAurora, OH41 Million190
Andler Packaging GroupEverett, MA40.06 Million222
Sources - Wikipedia. org,, company websites 

Information about USA Bottle Manufacturing Companies –

  1. Loews Corporation
  2. Amcor plc
  3. Berry Global Group, Inc.
  4. Plastipak Packaging, Inc.
  5. Graham Packaging Company Inc.
  6. Clack Corporation
  7. Comar LLC
  8. Illing Company
  9. Bulk Apothecary
  10. Andler Packaging Group

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1. Loews Corporation:

Loews Corporation is the first company on the list and has an impeccable portfolio. It also owns Altium Packaging, a leading bottling and packaging solutions provider across sectors such as household, foods and beverages, industrial applications, and specialty chemicals. It has 66 manufacturing plants in the USA and Canada, housing 3000 employees.

2. Amcor plc:

Amcor PLC is a company known for flexible packaging solutions, specialty cartons, and rigid containers serving medical, pharmaceutical, food & beverages, and personal care. It specializes in domains like E-commerce packaging solutions, lifecycle assessment, custom design, graphic services, and materisl development and support services.

In February 2018, the company came up with liquiform technology, which uses packaged products rather than compressed air simultaneously form and fill plastic containers eliminating cost with traditional blow-molding and other related expenses like transporting, handling, and warehousing empty containers.

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3. Berry Global Group, Inc.:

Berry Global Group inc is a Fortune 500 plastic manufacturing company headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. It has over 29 manufacturing facilities across the globe, housing over 47,000 employees. It is also the 6th largest Indiana headquartered company, according to Fortune magazine rankings.

Berry Global group serves customers in industries such as Foods & Beverages, Building & Construction, Medical, Hygiene, and household. It has over 2500 clients, and it includes marquee names like Borden, McDonalds, Burger King, Gillette, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Kmart, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, Hershey Foods, Sherwin-Williams. The extensive list of products they provide includes containers, closures, jars, drink cups, straws, cannabis solutions, over caps, tapes, tubes, shrink films, stretch films, etc.

4. Plastipak Packaging, Inc:

Based in Michigan, Plastipak packaging is a private manufacturer of plastic bottles used in applications like consumer cleaning, Aerosol, personal care, alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft drinks, and water, juices, dairy, personal care, automotive, industrial, and agriculture products.

Plastipak operates over 47 manufacturing sites in the USA, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. It also 1500+ patents in packaging and manufacturing solutions. Additionally, it also licenses various packaging technologies around the world.

In North America, Plastipak is the exclusive manufacturer of plastic containers for Proctor and Gamble for heavy-duty and liquid laundry applications and aslo the largest manufacturer of plastic containers for Kraft Foods for their barbecue sauces, salad dressings, grated cheeses.

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5. Graham Packaging Company Inc:

Graham packaging company is known for its custom plastic bottle manufacturing services, including design and engineering, barrier technology, Reusable packaging, Co-location manufacturing, EPET technology. It serves verticals like automotive, food & beverages, home care, and health food and nutrition.

6. Clark Corporation:

Clark corporation is a Windsor, Winsconsin-based plastic bottle manufacturer and water treatments solutions provider with more than 40 years of experience. They mostly make custom water bottles for industrial applications.

7. Comar LLC:

The New Jersey-based Comor LLC specializes in manufacturing customized bottles, canisters, dropper assemblies, dosage cups, spoons, total dispensing systems, closures, tips, adapters, and oral syringe systems. The key markets are medical, pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, personal & home care, food & beverage.

8. Illing Company:

Illing company specializes in manufacturing several packaging solutions and one of is Plastic bottles & Jars. In addition, they aslo have a considerable presence in manufacturing caps & closures, pails & buckets, and drums & barrels.

Other services include shrinking sleeving, decorating and labeling services, and additional services like turnkey solutions, pail conversion, and fitting & assembly.

9. Bulk Apothecary:

Bulk Apothecary provides packaging solutions for wholesale private labeling verticals. It is one of the largest stockists and distributors of bullet plastic bottles and straight-sided plastic jars. The interesting fact is that all ist plastic bottles are made from BPA-free PET plastic.

10. Andler Packaging Group:

Andler Packaging has a huge portfolio with custom plastic bottles & Jars, folding cartons and retail packaging, plastic pails, industrial packaging, closures, sprayers, pumps & dispensing systems, foam and protective packaging, and poly bags, pouches, and films.

(Video) PET Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Process Step-by-Step Introduction

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Top 10 Plastic Bottle manufacturers in the USA Owned By Minority Groups

I include a list of minority-owned businesses as a gesture of gratitude toward them. So, what is a minority-owned business, you may ask. Companies qualifying for minority ownership certification are at least 51% owned, operated, and controlled by a member of a minority group. The above list so includes veteran and women-owned businesses.

CompanyHQAnnual Revenue (USD)Employees
All American Containers, Inc.Medley, FL225 Million260
Pluto CorporationFrench Lick, IN32 Million164
Canyon Plastics, Inc.Valencia, CA17.7 Million78
Dahl-Tech Inc.Stillwater, MN12 Million50
Millet Plastics Inc.Lebanon, PA9.39 Million25
Green Bay PlasticsGreen Bay, WI8 Million30

WB Bottle Supply Co., Inc.

Milwaukee, WI7.97 Million37
Emsco Scientific Enterprises, Inc.Philadelphia, PA6.49 Million15
Crystal Vision PackagingTorrance, CA5 Million30
Pacific Bridge Packaging Inc.Pomona, CA3.78 million18
Sources - Wikipedia. org,, company websites

Information About USA Bottle Supplying Companies –

  1. All American Containers, Inc.
  2. Pluto Corporation
  3. Canyon Plastics, Inc.
  4. Dahl-Tech Inc.
  5. Millet Plastics Inc.
  6. Green Bay Plastics
  7. WB Bottle Supply Co., Inc.
  8. Emsco Scientific Enterprises, Inc.
  9. Crystal Vision Packaging
  10. Pacific Bridge Packaging Inc

1. All American Containers, Inc.

All American Containers is a leading supplier of plastic bottles, containers, tubes and dispensers, and plastic closures. The company serves industries like cosmetics & personal care, sports nutrition, wine, beer, spirits & beverages, pet and wet, food, oil, vinegar, spice, household & industrial chemicals, and pharma & supplements.

2. Pluto Corporation:

Pluto corporation manufactures blend and bottle household liquid cleaners and fulfills custom manufacturing needs. They fill their blow-molded bottles on-site, saving a lot of time without going through the hassle of the traditional supply chain. The company has been in the custom contract packaging business for the last 50 years and claims to be well equipped to handle liquid bottling needs in sizes from 4 ounces to over 1 gallon.

3. Canyon Plastics, Inc:

Headquartered in Valencia, CA, Canyon Plastics is in business since 1969 and specializes in custom injection, custom blow, and stretch blow plastic bottles and containers.

The company’s salient capabilities include light assembly, product design assistance, In-mold labeling, stretch blow molding, and raw material handling.

4. Dahl-Tech Inc:

Dahl-tech is a company headquartered in Stillwater, MN, and boasts a great stock inventory of plastic bottles and containers. It also provides additional services like labeling, capping, stock caps, detailing, and packaging. Dahl-tech’s three biggest verticals are industrial, dairy, and honey & juice.

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5. Millet Plastics Inc:

Millet Plastics inc. is the subsidiary of Millet Plastics group headquartered in St Claude, France. The two main business verticals of the company are food packaging and industrial. In addition, it manufactures custom blow-molded plastic bottles, containers, and tanks.

6. Green Bay Plastics:

Green bay plastics boasts a phenomenal product catalog of blow-molded bottles, blow-molded jars, canisters, custom blow packaging, blow-molded wheels, custom blow molding, labeling screen printing, and custom packaging.

(Video) Plastic bottles company "REVEAL"

7. WB Bottle Supply Co., Inc.

The Milwaukee, WI, based WB Bottle Supply’s product portfolio includes Plastic bottles & jars, bottle & jar closures, sprayers, pumps, plugs, filaments, wholesale beverage bottles, wholesale plastic, and glass juice bottles. The company serves industries like food & beverages, automotive, pet & wet, cosmetic & personal care, industrial chemical, drug & nutraceutical.

Other services include plastic bottle screen printing, glass bottle screen printing, decorating services, and value-added services.

8. Emsco Scientific Enterprises, Inc:

Emsco Scientific Enterprises is a Philadelphia, PA-based company that distributes laboratory supplies & equipment, chemicals, proteins & biologicals, and pharmaceuticals. It was founded in 1980, and since then, it has gained recognition as a trustworthy regional brand having a list of reputed clients such as Merck Pharmaceuticals, Bristol Myers Squibb, The University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Penn State University, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and many other corporations, universities, hospitals, and government entities.

9. Crystal Vision Packaging:

Crystal vision packaging was formed in 1984 and is based in Torrance, CA, and provides packaging solutions like bottles & caps, bags, adhesive labels, kidding film, overwrap film, pallet stretch film, clamshell boxes, shrink film, digital printing, labels & shrink films.

It serves industries like bakeries, cosmetics, distilleries, food manufacturing, pet supplies, pharmaceuticals, toy manufacturers, and clothing.

10. Pacific Bridge Packaging Inc:

The company boasts a wide range of commonly used PET and HDPE bottles in general shapes and unique designs made from custom molds. The company’s main revenue-generating products are Aerosol Cans, Cone Top Cans, and F-Style Cans. The company mainly operates within the cosmetics and skincare industries, but some of its business also comes from healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

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Types of Plastic Bottles, Their Uses, and Manufacturing Process –

Top 10 Plastic Bottle Manufacturers in USA (2)

Production of Plastic PET bottlesSource -

Many factors should be considered when choosing plastic bottles, including the most obvious ones, such as size, color, plastic thickness, shape, and some of the more complex details, such as the liner for the inside of the bottles. But the most important part is knowing which plastic is used to make what type of bottle. The four main plastic materials used to make bottles are as follows:

Polyethelene Terephthalate (PET): A rigid, strong, lightweight thermosetting polymer is typically used for strong potable water and other drinks.

Polyethylene (PE): It is a thermoplastic made from a single monomer, ethylene, and utilized for making blow-molded bottles generally used as milk and water jugs. Its low density from called LDPE is utilized to make squee bottles, and its high-density form HDPE is used to make rigid and string detergent bottles.

Polycarbonate (PC): It is more expensive than other materials used in bottling applications where long-lastingness is a priority. It is used for making bottles strong liquids like water, shampoo, motor oil, cooking oil, medicine, milk, and ink.

Polypropylene (PP): A widely used polymer in injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming, blows molding. It is high tensile strength makes it a prime option for making rigid containers.

(Video) Plastic Bottles Manufacturing Process | How to Make Plastic Water Bottles in Factory Process

Talking about the uses, as we all know, plastic bottles are used for storing many liquid products. However, the most common use for a plastic bottle still contains beverages. These beverages include juices, soft drinks, milk, water, tea, coffee, milkshakes, etc.

Interestingly, Alcoholic beverages, including beer, are not contained in plastic bottles for various reasons, mostly due to favor and carbonation. Plastic readily affects the flavor of the alcohol after a while and loses the carbonation quicker than glass bottles. Sometimes there is an exception with beer, as, at stadium and entertainment centers, it is served, and the consumer quickly thus doesn’t have enough time to escape, and the flavor has less time to be affected by the plastic.

FAQs –

1. How many plastic manufacturers are there in the US?

Ans. There are more than 16000 plastic manufacturing sites in the United States. The US plastic industry is the third-largest manufacturing sector in the United States. It employs more than 1.4 million people (1 million on manufacturing sites and other 400,000 plus, including suppliers.)

2. Which are the largest plastic exporting countries in the world?

Ans. Largest plastic exporting countries in the world by 2019:

  1. China – $21.4 billion (26.8% of worldwide plastic items exports)
  2. Germany – $9.6 billion (12%)
  3. United States – $6.9 billion (8.7%)
  4. Italy – $3.3 billion (4.1%)
  5. France: $2.9 billion (3.7%)

3. Which country produces the most plastic in the world?

Ans. The largest plastic material-producing country in the world is China. It alone produces 31% of plastic material in the world. Its the world leader in both plastic production and exports.

4. Which country uses the least plastic?

Ans. The county using the least plastic in the world is Rwanda.It became a plastic-free country in 2009, and since then, they have kept it that way. Rwandans are so done with anyone who is caught with a plastic item that faces a jail sentence of up to six months.

5. What is the cheapest plastic?

Ans. The two cheapest plastics are styrene and PETG.

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Final Thoughts –

That was all I had to say about the top 10 plastic bottle manufacturing companies in the United States. Take into account that the number might fluctuate depending on when your read this article. However, I have collected the data from sources like Wikipedia, DNB, and company websites so I assure you that the information is reliable.

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Kindly share your reviews in the comment box.

Have a wonderful day.


Who makes water bottles in the USA? ›

Table 1 - Top U.S. Water Bottles Suppliers 1
RankCompany NameYear founded
12 more rows

What company produces plastic bottles? ›

Biggest companies in the Plastic Bottle Manufacturing industry in the US. IBIS World covers 3 companies in the Plastic Bottle Manufacturing in the US industry, including Graham Packaging Co Inc., Plastipak Holdings Inc. and Loews Corp.

Where are most plastic bottles made? ›

The Plastic Supply Chain and Local Water

The PET resin is reportedly made in China, the leading resin-producing nation, where it is then shipped to Fiji, molded into the signature square bottles, filled with Fiji artesian water and exported around the world.

Which plastic quality is best? ›

HDPE is the most commonly recycled plastic and is considered one of the safest forms of plastic. It is a relatively simple and cost-effective process to recycle HDPE plastic for secondary use. HDPE plastic is very hard-wearing and does not break down under exposure to sunlight or extremes of heating or freezing.

What is the number 1 selling bottled water? ›

Aquafina was established in 1999 and has since become the largest bottled water brand in the world. Currently owned by PepsiCo, the company produces both flavored and unflavored water, as well as other branded products such as lip balm and even clothing.

How many water brands are in the US? ›

In 2017, the single-serve water sales totaled $24.1 billion. Americans drink 21 US gallons (79 L) of bottled water per capita per year. From 1970 (16 brands) over 1998 (50 brands) to 2012 (195 brands), the number of mineral water brands in the U.S. has grown exponentially.

Who makes plastic bottles in the US? ›

Top Plastic Bottle Manufacturers and Companies in the USA
CompanyNo. of Employees
1.Altium Packaging18,6051
2.Amcor Plc50,000
3.Berry Global Group Inc.48,000
4.Plastipak Holdings Inc.3,300
7 more rows

Who is the biggest plastic manufacturer? ›


What company makes the most plastic? ›

The company that produces the most plastic is Exxon Mobil. Plastic waste has become one of the greatest environmental disasters in history, and it is unlikely to end any time soon. Plastic is used in numerous items used by consumers and companies. Efforts to reverse the situation amount to a drop in the ocean.

Why is there a plastic bottle shortage? ›

Manufacturers have fallen behind in many areas of the economy, including plastics and packaging, due to supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the news outlet reported, adding that full-size grocery stores have also experienced product shortages because of strong consumer demand and, in some cases, ...

Which plastic is good for water bottles? ›

HDPE is a more sturdy, durable plastic. This makes it a good material for detergent bottles, soap bottles, and gallon-size liquid containers.

What is the most popular water brand? ›


Which plastic is strongest? ›

Polycarbonate (PC)

Polycarbonate is the toughest plastic out there, at more than 20 times stronger than acrylic and 200 times stronger than glass. It has great clarity, so it's frequently used in the types of plastic equipment that require see-through applications.

What are the 2 main types of plastic? ›

Thermoplastic and thermosetting

As mentioned above, polymers that are classified as plastics can be divided into two major categories: thermoplastics and thermosets. Thermoplastics such as polyethylene and polystyrene are capable of being molded and remolded repeatedly.

What is the largest water company in the US? ›

American Water is the largest publicly traded water and waterwater utility in the United States.

Who has the best water in the US? ›

Emporia, Kansas is known for having clean, great-tasting water as it won the Best Tap Water prize at the 23rd annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting. Missouri: Missouri has some of the best drinking water not just in the U.S., but in the world.

What is the purest bottled water? ›

Best Natural Water: Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water

If you want truly pure water, this one is as pure as you can get. Sourced directly from Iceland's legendary Ölfus Spring, one of the world's purest ecosystems, this water has a low mineral content and a naturally alkaline pH of 8.4.

What state sells the most bottled water? ›

Most Bottled Water Is Produced In California, State Hit Hardest By Drought.

Where does bottled water come from in USA? ›

Bottled water comes from a variety of sources, including many of the same sources as tap water. Sometimes the water you can buy in a bottle is simply public tap water that has been enhanced in some way, such as changing the mineral content. Other sources of bottled water include springs, wells, and surface waters.

What is the purest water to drink? ›

Distilled water is the PUREST drinking water possible.

Distilled water is the PUREST form of water. Many people are under the false impression that their tap water, and even bottled water and water produced by home filtration systems is "pure".

Who is the largest glass bottle manufacturer? ›

Gallo Glass is the largest glass container plant in the United States and is dedicated to delivering service and quality to the wine & spirits industry.

Where are plastic soda bottles made? ›

How It's Made, Plastic Bottles. - YouTube

How are plastic bottles manufactured? ›

plastic pellets are poured into a machine that heats them to a very high temperature, so it becomes a thick liquid. then injected into moulds, where the plastic hardens and sets into a bottle shape. factory, the plastic pellets may be combined with recycled plastic pellets.

What are the names of 2 U.S. companies that make plastic? ›

About the Top U.S. Plastics Manufacturers
  • 1: Continental Structural Plastics, Inc. ...
  • 2: Nifco America Corp. ...
  • 3: Sixarp LLC. - ...
  • 4: All Service Plastic Molding, Inc. ...
  • 5: Continental Structural Plastics, Inc. ...
  • 6: Ply Gem Windows. ...
  • 7: Bemis Co., Inc. ...
  • 8: Centro, Inc.
9 Sept 2019

Is plastic made in America? ›

In 2019, North America accounted for roughly 20 percent of global plastic materials production. Many of the world's largest plastic manufacturers are based in the U.S., such as Dow Chemical and the ExxonMobil chemical division.

Which country is famous for plastic industry? ›

The biggest booming economy in the world, China is also the biggest exporter of plastics globally. In 2015, China made up 27.2% of all plastic goods exports, globally, which was around $18 billion in exported goods shipped around the world.

Where is the biggest plastic factory? ›

Dow Chemical Company

Who is the largest plastic manufacturer in the world? As of 2020, Dow ranks number 1 on our list of the top 10 plastic manufacturing companies in the world. Dow is a chemical corporation headquartered in Midland, Michigan, United States.

Who are the biggest consumers of plastic? ›

Plastic waste is one of the largest issues facing our world today.
Countries Producing The Most Plastic Waste.
RankCountryPlastic waste per capita kilograms per year
1United States105.3
2United Kingdom98.66
3South Korea88.09
6 more rows
29 Sept 2021

Who pollutes the most plastic? ›

Here are the 10 countries with the most plastic pollution:
  • India - 12,994,100 tons.
  • China - 12,272,200 tons.
  • Philippines - 4,025,300 tons.
  • Brazil - 3,296,700 tons.
  • Nigeria - 1,948,950 tons.
  • Tanzania - 1,716,400 tons.
  • Turkey - 1,656,110 tons.
  • Egypt - 1,435,510 tons.

Is there a plastic shortage 2022? ›

In 2022, yes. A&B Plastics and Fabrications owner Mark Gilliam said in October of 2021, “I wouldn't expect a big change in the next year.” Survey data from AlixPartners expect that shortages related to resin could continue through 2024.

Is there a plastic shortage in the US? ›

This shortage has hit plastic product manufacturers very hard. Plastics supplies were tight even before Winter Storm Uri's disastrous effects on US production. It is essential to keep in mind that the trend towards tight plastics supplies had been building before the fourth quarter of 2020.

Are we running out of plastic? ›

However, even after we begin working with other types of waste, we won't run out of plastic in my lifetime. We just won't. There is more than 9 billion tons of plastic waste in the world. 91 percent of that is not recycled.

What is the safest plastic? ›

4. When you do use plastics, look for these resin codes which are considered safer: #2 HDPE, #4 LDPE, and #5 PP. Examples of #2 HDPE (high density polyethylene) include: bottled milk, water and juice, yogurt cups, and some plastic bags.

What is the safest plastic to store water? ›

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a thermoplastic made from petroleum that can be found translucent or opaque. It is flexible and tough but breakable and considered less toxic than other plastics, and relatively safe.

Which water bottle is best? ›

The best water bottles you can buy today
  • LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis. ...
  • Hidrate Spark 3. ...
  • CamelBak Quick Grip Chill Handheld Hydration Pack. ...
  • Hydro Flask. ...
  • YETI Rambler. ...
  • S'Well Roamer. ...
  • Nalgene Tritan. The best water bottle for dirt-cheap nostalgia. ...
  • BuildLife Water Bottle. A very inexpensive water bottle.
13 Sept 2022

Who is the biggest water company? ›

American Water Works is by far the largest publicly-listed water company in the US. It provides drinking water, wastewater and other related services to more than 14 million people in 46 states, making it one of the most geographically diverse suppliers in the country.

What country produces the most bottled water? ›

China (699M tonnes) dominates in bottled water exports structure, accounting for 699M tonnes, which was approx.

Is Hydro Flask Made in the USA? ›

Hydro-Flask | Made in Oregon.

Is Hydro Cell Made in the USA? ›

Hydro Cell is designed and crafted in the USA with final production taking place in China.

Are liberty bottles made in USA? ›

Liberty Originals™

Our 24 oz. flagship bottle is American made from start to finish with 100% recyclable, US sourced aluminum, so you can make a difference with every sip.

Are Takeya water bottles made in the USA? ›

All of our pitchers and drinkmakers are proudly made in the USA.

Is Swell Made in USA? ›

So the answer is YES that “Are Swell bottles made in China? “, you can see the “Made in China” information from s'well official website and the bottle product packaging.

Is ThermoFlask Made in USA? ›

Where are Thermoflask bottles manufactured? All ThermoFlask bottles are designed in California and manufactured in China.

Is Klean Kanteen Made in USA? ›

Klean Kanteen products are designed in Chico, California and responsibly made in China.

Is simple modern Made in USA? ›

Simple Modern tumblers, bottles, cups to be made in Oklahoma not China.

Where are Liberty water bottles made? ›

In Union Gap, just outside Yakima, Liberty Bottleworks manufactures the only completely customizable recycled-aluminum water bottles made in America. Founded in 2010, Liberty believes that environmentally sustainable manufacturing can take place in the United States.

Where is Truflask made? ›

All Tru Flask products are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of our hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, where temperatures can easily climb above 110 degrees.

Where is Hydro Flask made? ›

Most Hydro Flask products are made in China, where, he said, factory employees and third-party companies do audits and drop-ins to ensure a “toxic-free environment” and uphold safe working conditions.

Where are Waterdrop bottles made? ›

All of our glass bottles are made from high quality borosilicate glass, produced exclusively in the EU.

Is Nalgene Made in USA? ›

Nalgene – The original water bottle. Made in the USA. BPA Free.

Who owns Takeya USA? ›

Ken Tran - President and CEO - Takeya USA | LinkedIn.

Is Takeya a Japanese company? ›

Established in 2008, Takeya USA brings 55 years of Japanese design heritage and innovation to provide simple solutions that work. Whatever you do to keep active and strong, Takeya will be there to keep you refreshed and hydrated along the way.

Which water bottle is best? ›

The best water bottles you can buy today
  • LARQ Bottle Movement PureVis. ...
  • Hidrate Spark 3. ...
  • CamelBak Quick Grip Chill Handheld Hydration Pack. ...
  • Hydro Flask. ...
  • YETI Rambler. ...
  • S'Well Roamer. ...
  • Nalgene Tritan. The best water bottle for dirt-cheap nostalgia. ...
  • BuildLife Water Bottle. A very inexpensive water bottle.
13 Sept 2022


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