Best Route Planning Software | 2022 Reviews & Pricing (2023)

Verizon Connect is the best route planning software, due to its vast range of features and integrations with other key systems including asset tracking, field service, and dash cams.

Any fleet will benefit from route planning software. It can help managers dispatch vehicles to multiple locations, it can automatically determine which route is the fastest or most effective, and it can help drivers and managers communicate any changes or setbacks while on the go.

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Verizon Connect Reveal Route Planning Software

Best overall
Price from: $40/vehicle/month

Verizon Connect Reveal represents the biggest conglomeration of telemetrics software, having formed as the result of a three-party merger between Verizon Networkfleet, Fleetmatics, and Telogis. It's the most powerful, feature-rich option on this list, covering every task a fleet might need handled, including a full-stack fleet management system and field service software. Bonus features include:

  • Route optimization
  • Traffic awareness
  • IFTA fuel tracking
  • Work order delivery
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • ELD compliance
  • Asset tracking
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Mobile app

Route planning features include the ability to adapt to changes in traffic in real-time, as well as automatically planning out the best route for each vehicle in advance.


The main Verizon Reveal fleet management software pricing can vary, depending on the features offered, with the typical licensing fee within a broad range somewhere between $40 and $250 per month per vehicle. The high end is certainly expensive compared to the industry average, though all hardware units are included for free, with free installation.

Verizon Connect is a great route planning option for a growing fleet that needs all the bells and whistles, to help it ultimately save more money by reducing expenses and speeding up route monitoring.

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Samsara Route Planning Software

Best for the transportation industry
Price from: $45/vehicle/month

Samsara route planning is a central feature found in its top-quality fleet management system. The system comes in three parts: Managers will use the central dashboard to view a real-time map of their fleet and vehicle information, while drivers will use the Samsara Driver App to manage their hours of service and receive their routes. The third element, the plug-and-play hardware unit, comes with a one-year warranty and can be quickly installed in each vehicle driving routes.

Samsara also offers additional hardware add-ons, most notably the CM32 Dual-facing Dash Cam, which is a great dash cam for truckers and built to be fully operated with Samsara's fleet management software. All these abilities and add-ons make Samsara a great system for long-haul transportation.

Here's what bonus features to expect from the service. Individual packages might not include all of them, but basic packages will include most:

  • Route monitoring and dispatch
  • Fuel tracking
  • ELD compliance
  • Driver safety
  • Two-way messaging
  • Proof of delivery reciept
  • Routing reports
  • Heat map of driver locations
  • Mobile app
  • Reefer monitoring
  • Trailer tracking

While the route planning software automatically compiles routes, it also collects data that highlights the differences between each planned route and the actual path/travel times that the vehicle took in reality, allowing managers to use the data to manually optimize future routes and improve them even further.


The service starts at $45 per vehicle per month, around the industry average. The SamsaraFMS is a popular system, and for good reason: All these useful features come in an easy-to-use interface, with 360 degree support and training options.

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Teletrac Navman Route Planning Software

Best for data-hungry companies
Price from: $35/vehicle/month

Another well-known FMS service, Teletrac Navman pulls on a full thirty years of experience to deliver its route planning software, which is bundled with plenty of additional useful features. A few standouts include a feature that automatically sends email alerts to managers in the event of a driver compliance violation, and on the driver's side, the ability to send a proof of delivery notification upon arrival at a destination.

Two-way communication is another essential route planning feature, allowing managers to dispatch drivers while letting drivers check in with managers whenever needed. This helps managers make informed decisions in real time. Add in the system's robust reporting and analytics abilities, which help inform long-term decisions as well, and you have a service designed to aid data-driven management.

Here's the full list of core features:

  • Routing optimization
  • Proof of delivery
  • Two-way messaging
  • Driver safety
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • ELD compliance
  • Compliance violation alerts
  • Fuel tracking
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Reporting and analytics

The service's customizablity and ability to create great data reports makes it stand out, although its great customer support doesn't hurt, either.


Teletrac does not make its plan pricing public, although $35 per vehicle per month is a good estimate. Contact the company for a custom quote that takes your fleet size and required features into account. The broad feature range and 24/7 client support make Teletrac Navman a good all-around FMS option for fleets that are looking for more than just route planning solutions.

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Best Route Planning Software | 2022 Reviews & Pricing (7)

Fleetio Route Planning Software

Best low cost option
Price from: $5/vehicle/month

Fleetio offers the Fleetio Go mobile app free to download, and it can be paired with the company's two flagship fleet software services: Fleetio Manage, a stripped-down FMS solution, and Fleetio Drive, an ELD-compliant tracking service. Drive allows managers to schedule routes, with real-time fleet maps and real-time messaging, while Manage allows route managing and adds asset tracking, maintenance management, and parts/inventory tracking. Here are the features to expect from the more inexpensive and route planning-oriented option, Fleetio Drive:

  • Location tracking
  • Trip historical data
  • Geofencing
  • Two-way messaging

Drivers can send proof-of-delivery messages via the messaging capability as well, though the limited solution doesn't include route optimization.


Unlike most services listed here, Fleetio's two fleet tracking services work without requiring in-vehicle hardware units, cutting down on the upfront costs behind fleet tracking. The service starts at just $5 per vehicle per month. This makes Fleetio Drive a good choice for a fleet that needs an inexpensive way to get started with route planning, but doesn't need automated fuel tracking or vehicle diagnostic reporting.

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Motive (formerly KeepTruckin) Route Planning Software

Best value solution
Price from: $25/vehicle/month

Motive — the company rebranded from the punny KeepTruckin in April 2022 — offers both hardware units and the software to go with them, including a manager dashboard and driver mobile app.

Drivers will instantly receive a dispatch on their phones, and managers can comb through drivers' hours of service data in order to find the best option for each job. Motive uses an open API for their software, ensuring that any third-party routing service can be integrated with the Motive dashboard.

  • Route monitoring and dispatch
  • ELD compliance
  • IFTA fuel tracking
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Driver safety
  • Open API
  • Two-way messaging
  • GPS location tracking

If your fleet doesn't need a full fleet management system, but does need to stay in compliance with the ELD mandate (and wouldn't say no to a few other FMS perks), this might be the routing and dispatch service you need.


At $25/vehicle/month, the price isn't as low as Fleetio's, but it offers greater flexibility alongside its core features, making it the best value solution.

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Best Route Planning Software | 2022 Reviews & Pricing (11)

Silent Passenger Route Planning Software

Best mid-range option
Price from: $19.99/vehicle/month

Silent Passenger software lets managers handle all their route monitoring and dispatching tasks from a single dashboard. The company is a nimbler, smaller operation than those listed above, though it still offers stellar tech support and a sleek product. Bonus features cover all the common perks, from vehicle maintenance to driver safety, while a fleet status dashboard tracks all in-duty vehicles with data including vehicle name, current driver, last location, next destination, current speed, and engine status. Vehicles with the ignition on are color-coded green, while turned-off vehicles appear in red. Here's the full feature list:

  • Wireless dispatching
  • Route optimization
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Driver safety
  • Two-way messaging
  • Mobile app
  • Asset tracking
  • IFTA fuel tracking
  • ELD compliance

Managers can easily optimize routes for the shortest distance or least fuel used, while reserving the right to make changes in real-time while the driver is en route.


Silent Passenger starts at $19.99 per vehicle per month, and is recommended for US-based fleets that appreciate the ethos of a smaller, mid-range software provider along with the support options that they bring to the table.

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Best Route Planning Software | 2022 Reviews & Pricing (13)

Omnitracs Route Planning Software

Best for reliability
Pricing not available

For a ready way to boost yourfleet's visibility and improve communication on both sides, check out Omnitracs' messaging, GPS locating, and dispatch capabilities. It's another route planning software that folds its features into those of a full FMS, and it's all accessible through a single dashboard. It's also worth noting that Omnitracs offers a “navigation integration” ability, which uses predictive modeling to improve route optimization as it gains more data over time. However, this feature is available as an additional module, so it costs extra. Here's a look at the features included in the basic plan:

  • Route optimization
  • Location tracking
  • ELD compliance
  • Two-way messaging
  • Proof of delivery
  • IFTA fuel tracking

Customer updates are not included, but these features do cover the basic needs of a fleet driver, from messaging to proof of delivery receipts.


Omnitracs offers a solid all-around service, but does not make its pricing public, so you'll need to get in touch directly for a custom quote. It doesn't offer any unique features, and it doesn't stand out for anything in particular, but it remains dependable, offers a decent range of abilities, and gives 24/7 online support to its users which earns it a place on our list.

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Best Route Planning Software | 2022 Reviews & Pricing (15)

US Fleet Tracking Route Planning Software

Best for location tracking only
Price from: $30/vehicle/month

US Fleet Tracking's route planning software is differentiated from the others on this list due to its (relative) lack of features. It comes with the most basic and most useful features, but none of the expansive suites that many others offer. And why not? For a smaller fleet that doesn't require as much work, buying a feature-heavy plan wouldn't be the cost-effective choice. Here's what features the company offers, though you'll have to learn more aboutUS Fleet Tracking's price plans in order to ensure you're getting the features you need:

  • GPS location tracking
  • Manager-to-driver messaging and dispatch
  • Route monitoring alerts
  • Driving safety alerts
  • Geofencing
  • ELD compliance

In addition, fuel tracking is available with some plans. US Fleet Tracking offers a broad range of hardware, with nine different units sold, as well as an assortment of accessories.


US Fleet tracking starts at a tidy $30/vehicle/month. Sometimes staying simple is best: This cost-effective offering is recommended for fleets that want a location-tracking routing service without a high monthly price tag.

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Best Route Planning Software | 2022 Reviews & Pricing (17)

WorkWave Route Planning Software

Best for customizable route planning
Price from: $49/vehicle/month

Speaking of stripped-down route planning software, another option is WorkWave's Route Planning & Optimization Software. Once managers establish their fleet-specific needs and settings (such as when vehicles are available, what skills they offer, where prices are set, and when maintenance days or vacation time is scheduled), the software will optimize the daily route for them. The resulting custom-designed routes will balance all considerations, from distance and cost to efficiency and speed, taking into account variables like the load size or skills needed. Features include:

  • Route monitoring and optimization
  • Drag-and-drop route modification
  • Route simulations
  • Mobile app
  • GPS tracking
  • Open API

WorkWave is a great option for a fleet that needs a flexible routing software, but not a lot else.


The $49/vehicle/month isn't the cheapest. If you operate a long-haul fleet, you'll likely need to pair WorkWave with a more comprehensive FMS to get the best bang for your buck. If you're just here to supercharge yourroute planning, this is the option for you.

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Best Route Planning Software | 2022 Reviews & Pricing (19)

ProTransport Route Planning Software

Best for ease of use
Price not available

ProTransport's color-coded dispatch board keeps track of every vehicle in a manager's fleet, charting locations and availability in real time. Two-way messages help keep drivers and managers on the same page. Geofencing capabilities are also supported, though additional features are a little limited. The intuitive interface is a stand-out feature. There's also:

  • Route monitoring and dispatch
  • Location tracking
  • ETA alerts
  • Two-way messaging
  • Geofencing
  • Driver schedules

This route planning software is a great choice for managers who prioritize simplicity and ease of use for themselves and their drivers. The software isn't bogged down with unneeded features, and it'll keep a watchful eye on fleets with its display board.


Pricing isn't available, so you'll need to contact the service for a quote custom-fitted to your needs.

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Route Planning vs Google Maps, Waze or Other Navigational Apps

Route planning software designed for commercial vehicle use is set apart from consumer-grade navigational apps like Google Maps or Waze. The biggest difference is professional route optimization. A good route planning software will be able to figure out the most efficient route every time, taking into account the physical location of every stop and matching it against speed limits, high-traffic times, and real-time weather conditions. Additional features may include the ability to prioritize certain customers or minimize fuel used.

Route planning software will also include additional features, compared to consumer apps, such as two-way messaging, proof-of-delivery receipts, ELD compliance, maintenance alerts, reporting, and IFTA fuel tracking (so that a fleet can pay accurate fuel taxes).

Navigational apps are a great free resource for a single vehicle in a casual situation to find its way to more than one destination. But any professional fleet will save far more money by paying for the right service, rather than simply opting for a free one.

Why use route planning software? Why shouldn't I just use Google Maps?

Route optimization can save fleets a lot of money, and it's not included in free navigational apps like Google Maps.

Consumer apps do take into account limited traffic information from other users, and can list the estimated route times, so you can try to optimize your routes by shuffling the order of destinations around and comparing the different route times as you go, to get the shortest one. But the different types of routes will increase exponentially with every stop you add — if you have just six stops, you'll have 720 possible routes! That's not a problem for a software program built to handle this, but a human being is better off guessing than counting up 720 potential routes to find the most efficient one for that day.

There are other features that navigational apps won't offer, too. Two-way messaging is a big one, as it lets drivers easily communicate with their manager.

How does route planning software work?

Route planning software uses hardware units to track the location of every vehicle in a fleet. This location data is sent to the central dashboard used by the manager.

At the start of the day, the manager can assign vehicles and drivers to a set route — the software will optimize the list of stops, putting them in order of efficiency. Then, over the course of the day, the system might update the route as new information comes in, such as unexpected traffic slowdowns or poor weather. The manager can then update the drivers via the driver app, either by adjusting their route or with a direct message (or both).

What are different kinds of route planning software?

Simple route planning software just includes GPS tracking and basic route optimization, perhaps with two-way messaging and ELD compliance included. More advanced offerings may include a full fleet management system, which includes other fleet benefits such as maintenance alerts and fuel purchase tracking. There are also field service systems, which are designed to allow customer updates.

Ultimately, though, route planning software varies by product, as they all offer different combinations of features.

What are common features of route planning software?

The most common features of high-quality route planning software include:

  • Route optimization
  • Two-way messaging
  • Proof-of-delivery receipts
  • ELD compliance
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Mobile driver app

Fairly common additional features beyond the basics include:

  • Traffic awareness
  • Maintenance alerts
  • IFTA fuel tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Customer Updates (common in field service software)

The most feature-rich options are Verizon Connect Reveal, Samsara, and Teletrac Navman. On the other end of the scale, try Fleetio for a stripped-down, inexpensive alternative.

Is there a route planning software option for free?

There's no trustworthy route planning software permanently available at no cost. Free alternative apps include Google Maps and Waze, although these are better termed “navigational apps,” since they won't optimize your routes for you. For everything else, you'll have to pay.

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Which route planner is best? ›

The 11 Best Free Route Planners with Unlimited Stops
  • Google Maps – Best for Simple Routes. ...
  • Maptive – Best for Professionals. ...
  • RouteXL – Best Alternative to Google Maps. ...
  • Waze – Best for Trips. ...
  • Apple Maps – Best for Apple Users. ...
  • MapQuest – Best for Printable Maps. ...
  • TruckRouter – Best for Truck Drivers & Fleets.
28 Apr 2022

Does Google have a route optimizer? ›

The Route Optimization capability in Last Mile Fleet Solution is a toolkit that incorporates Routes Preferred API, Directions API, and Distance Matrix API. It offers enterprise-level features that solve the problem of finding the optimal order for drivers to complete their tasks.

What is the best way to map a route to multiple locations? ›

Add multiple destinations
  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. Click Directions .
  3. Add a starting point and a destination.
  4. On the left, below the destinations you entered, click Add .
  5. To add a stop, choose another destination. You can add up to 9 stops.
  6. Click on a route to get the directions.

Does Google Maps have a route planner? ›

Google Maps has a route planning capability. You can even plan a route for many locations using Google Maps. It can serve a variety of purposes aside from driving, such as walking and biking.

Which is best Waze or Google Maps? ›

Google Maps seems to be more reliable, accurate and has better real-time traffic, whereas Waze has a larger army of fans who think the app is amazing who love its voice prompts feature. However, updates caused issues for both apps.

Is there a free app for routing multiple addresses? ›

Speedy Route is another great free routing software option for any driver that needs to make unlimited stops along their route. To calculate the best route when you have multiple destinations, Speedy Route efficiently reorders the entered locations.

Can Google Maps plan a route with multiple stops? ›

Yes, Google Maps can plan a route with multiple stops. You can add up to 10 addresses in the Google route planner. Plus, you can also rearrange your stop in the desired order, you can send a planned route to your phone or share it with your delivery drivers.

Does Waze optimize routes? ›

Keep in mind that Waze will optimize the route based on the order you input the addresses, so make sure the final stop is set as the final destination of your trip. Waze is a great app for everyday drivers that want an alternative to Google Maps.

Is Google Maps API free? ›

You won't be charged until your usage exceeds $200 in a month. Note that the Maps Embed API, Maps SDK for Android, and Maps SDK for iOS currently have no usage limits and are at no charge (usage of the API or SDKs is not applied against your $200 monthly credit).

How do I create a route planner on Google Maps? ›

Customize Your Route on Google Maps
  1. To begin, select Add directions under the search bar. ...
  2. Select your transportation mode by clicking the Driving icon under the new map layer. ...
  3. Enter your departure point in the A text box.
  4. Enter your destination point in the B text box. ...
  5. Google will automatically plot a route.
11 Apr 2022

Does Apple maps have a route planner? ›

Does Apple Maps have a Route Planner? Yes, Apple Maps does have this feature. The route is optimized to move from your starting point to the next location. It can plan a path between two stops.

Is MapQuest better than Google Maps? ›

Overall, MapQuest is slightly less accurate and has fewer features compared to Google Maps. Google Maps is more user-friendly than MapQuest. Both MapQuest and Google Maps are free to use.

Is there an app for mapping a route? ›

The most popular route planner in the world is Google Maps. It's reliable, easy to use — and free. But while it works great for casual traveling and road trips, the Google Maps route planner does not always meet the specific and evolving needs of professionals like salespeople and delivery drivers.

How many stops can you have on Google Maps? ›

Search for your destination or tap it on the map. Add stop. You can add up to 9 stops.

How does Google Maps determine the best route? ›

To determine the fastest route, Google Maps looks into data like traffic trends, the maximum speed allowed for each road, the distance, and other factors that would have an impact on the time you'd need to reach a destination.

How do I use Google Trip Planner? ›

How to Use Google Maps Trip Planner
  1. Make a New Google Map. ...
  2. Categorize Your Map. ...
  3. Add Your Ideas to the Google Map. ...
  4. Customize Your Map. ...
  5. Decide Which Activities to Group Together. ...
  6. Plan Your Day-by-Day Itinerary. ...
  7. Download Google Maps on Your Phone & Log In. ...
  8. Share Your Map with Friends and Travel Buddies.

How do I create a route map? ›

How to Make a Custom Route in Google Maps - YouTube

What is better than Waze? ›

  • Google Maps. The granddaddy of GPS navigation options for almost any type of transportation. ...
  • Waze. This app stands apart due to its crowd-sourced traffic information. ...
  • MapQuest. ...
  • Maps.Me. ...
  • Scout GPS. ...
  • InRoute Route Planner. ...
  • Apple Maps. ...
  • MapFactor Navigator.

Which navigation app is most accurate? ›

1. Google Maps
  • Google Maps provides the most efficient route for biking, walking, and driving.
  • Updates you about live traffic.
  • Google Maps Offers street view, accurate ETA, and offline navigation.
23 Dec 2021

Is Waze owned by Google? ›

Waze is a community-driven navigation map app that was acquired by Google (GOOG) in 2013. It is now a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google's parent company. Waze updates its users on the go to avoid traffic snarls, see where other users are on the road, and get recommendations on nearby restaurants and other amenities.

Is there a way to map out multiple locations? ›

You can use the Google Apps mobile app (free for iPhone, iPad, and Android) to create a map with multiple destinations in much the same way. Fire up the Google Maps app on your mobile device, and then tap the blue “Go” button on the bottom right of your screen.

Is the route app free? ›

Yes! The Route app has no fee or subscription associated with its use. Route offers two different services: An order & package tracking app: Route offers a convenient place to track all of your online purchases in a single app - all for free!

How do I plan a route on Waze? ›

Plan a drive
  1. Visit the Waze Live map.
  2. Under Driving directions, enter your starting point and destination. Waze will provide you with up to three best routes.
  3. Click your preferred route.
  4. Click Leave now, change it to Arrive by, and enter the day and time you want to arrive. ...
  5. Click Save to app.

Can Google Maps be customized? ›

You'll need to use Google Maps on your desktop to create a custom map. However, once completed, you can view your custom map on the Android or iOS apps. To start, click open the Menu in the top left corner of the screen and click Your Places.

What is route optimization? ›

Route optimization is the process of determining the most cost-efficient route. It's more complex than simply finding the shortest path between two points. It needs to include all relevant factors, such as the number and location of all the required stops on the route, as well as time windows for deliveries.

Can Waze detect police? ›

You can report police sightings on Waze through the reporting menu, which is available on both iPhone and Android devices. Reporting police sightings or speed traps on Waze can help other drivers regulate their speed, avoiding both accidents and potential traffic tickets.

How does Waze know a car is stopped? ›

Waze learns traffic patterns simply by drivers turning on the app. It tracks the speed of your car, "and even if you don't report anything on the traffic, we now know the speed of the driver behind you and can help spread out the traffic."

Does Waze work without Internet? ›

Internet connection

For all aspects of Waze to operate, you must have an active data connection on your mobile device. This connection enriches Waze with real-time traffic-related information and ensures an up-to-date map. Without an internet connection, you won't be able to locate or navigate a route.

How much does it cost to run Google Maps? ›

Google Maps' costs are as follows: Embed Advance: $14 per month. Static Maps: $2.00 per month. Dynamic Maps: $7.00 per month.

Is Google Maps API expensive? ›

Google Maps API uses the same pay-as-you-go system as Google Cloud, which means that you'll only pay for the APIs and SDKs you choose. The 28 APIs and SDKs that Google Maps offers are each priced individually based on usage per month, with a price range of $2-30 for every 1000 requests.

Is Mapbox cheaper than Google Maps? ›

Price Comparison: Google Maps vs Mapbox

In practically every area, Mapbox is significantly more affordable than Google Maps APIs.

How do I create a custom route planner and location marker on Google Maps? ›

How to Find Customize Routes on Google Maps Mobile App?
  1. Step 1: Download the Google Maps Route Planner App. ...
  2. Step 2: Open the App. ...
  3. Step 3: Click the Directions Button. ...
  4. Step 4: (Optional step) Select “car” Icon. ...
  5. Step 5: Add Starting and Destination Address. ...
  6. Step 6: Add Multiple Stops. ...
  7. Step 7: Add More Stops.
19 May 2022

How do I create a GPX file from Google Maps? ›

  1. Select and copy the entire URL.
  2. Now, open MapstoGPX.
  3. Paste the Google Maps URL.
  4. Select “Route Points” and leave the other options unchecked.
  5. Click on “Let's go” and save the GPX file.

Can you make a route with multiple stops on Apple Maps? ›

iOS 16 lets you add multiple stops in Apple Maps when getting driving directions on your iPhone. To add multiple stops in Apple Maps, start planning a driving route and tap the "Add Stop" button. Once you've added a stop, you can freely change the order of destinations or delete them.

Does Apple Maps show fastest route? ›

By default, Apple Maps shows you the quickest route from A to B when you're driving somewhere, but you don't always have to take it. Maybe you want to make sure you're not spending money on toll roads, or maybe you want to go at a leisurely pace and avoid highways.

Can you edit a route on Apple Maps? ›

Short of making a bunch of favorites, then navigating each one in sequence, there is no way to customize a route. It may offer a few options for the route, but that is all the customization possible. Short of making a bunch of favorites, then navigating each one in sequence, there is no way to customize a route.

Is there a better map system than Google Maps? ›

Bing Maps

The interface is similar to Google Maps but cleaner and leaner without losing any features. There are layers to the maps – road, aerial, and streetside – plus public transportation and walking maps for those without a car. And there are even 3D views.

Is there anything better than Google map? ›

Accuracy and UX-wise, it is hard to compare them, but Waze comes close if not better than Google Maps. Other apps have more niche uses like Navmii and OsmAnd for offline mapping and customizing your navigation. So, find the one that suits your needs!

Does anyone still use MapQuest? ›

But it decided not to, with good reason: Even now, some 40 million people — almost all of them in North America — use MapQuest at least once a month.

Is TomTom better than Google Maps? ›

In conclusion, if your only goal is driving navigation and learning about road closures or hazards, then TomTom is the better choice. However, if you want the most accurate data worldwide, a street view and a few extra new features, then you can stick to using Google Maps instead.

What app do FedEx drivers use? ›

Download the FedEx® Mobile app to take advantage of all the ways FedEx Delivery Manager can help you manage your deliveries.

What route planner does FedEx use? ›

FedEx uses a technology called Dynamic Route Optimization, or DRO, to optimize the routes given to FedEx drivers. First released in 2019, this tool rivals similar apps such as Orion from UPS to help compete in terms of delivery time, driver efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

What is the best route planner? ›

Best Driving Route Planner
  • Waze.
  • MapQuest.
  • Roadtrippers.
  • My Route Online.
  • RouteXL.
  • Speedy Route.
  • Flightmap.

Is there a way to add more than 10 stops on Google Maps? ›

How to Add More than 10 Destinations on Google Maps
  1. Plan a route map with multiple stops in Google Maps. ...
  2. Copy your URL. ...
  3. Open Notepad. ...
  4. Paste the URL in your Notepad document for editing. ...
  5. Plan a new route on Google Maps. ...
  6. Copy the URL of the new route.
  7. Paste the text into your Notepad document.
12 Feb 2021

What is the best way to route a road trip? ›

  1. Roadtrippers. Roadtrippers is one of the best (and most popular) road trip planner apps out there. ...
  2. Google Maps. Everyone needs a trusty navigation app on their phone, and Google Maps is a favorite for good reason. ...
  3. Waze. ...
  4. GasBuddy. ...
  5. Roadside America. ...
  6. iExit Interstate Exit Guide. ...
  7. HotelTonight. ...
  8. Airbnb.
20 May 2022

Is MapQuest any good? ›

MapQuest is a good option for those who value comfort and compatibility above all else. Some of the most useful features of the app include real-time updates on traffic, an automatic reroute option, calculating the estimated fuel cost of your trip, and even showing the current temperature at your location.

Can I plan a route with Waze? ›

Yes, Waze has an integrated route planner. Waze is actually one of the most popular route planners in the world, especially when it comes to simple routing. It lets you get the fastest route from point A to B, and you can also add a stop in between.

What is the best free route planner app UK? ›

The 7 best free route planners in 2022
  1. Google Maps. Cost: Free. Stop limit: 10. ...
  2. Mapquest. Cost: Free. Stop limit: 26. ...
  3. RAC Route Planner [UK only] Cost: Free. Stop limit: 10. ...
  4. Cost: Free. ...
  5. RouteXL. Cost: Free with paid upgrades. ...
  6. Speedy Route. Cost: Free with paid upgrades. ...
  7. TruckRouter [North America only] Cost: Free.
2 Mar 2022

Is there a free app for planning a road trip? ›

You can use Roadtrippers for free to find these great places and come up with some big ideas. Start plotting your route with up to seven waypoints.

Is the Roadtrippers app worth it? ›

Is Roadtrippers worth it? After trying all the different road trip planning apps, yes, we would say Roadtrippers is one of the best if not the best route planning app. And at $29.99, it's an affordable price to try it for a year.

Is there a trip planner app? ›

Wanderlog is a free travel app for planning every kind of trip, including road trips and group travel: create a trip itinerary, budget costs, organize flight and hotel reservations, view places to visit on a map, and collaborate with friends.

Which is better Waze or MapQuest? ›

Waze, on the other hand, is more catered to drivers and is ideal for longer road trips, while MapQuest and its numerous overlay options make it the perfect choice for those who like to keep distractions to a minimum.

Which is better Google Maps or MapQuest? ›

Overall, MapQuest is slightly less accurate and has fewer features compared to Google Maps. Google Maps is more user-friendly than MapQuest.

Is there anything better than Waze? ›

The best alternative is Google Maps, which is free. Other great apps like Waze are OsmAnd, Organic Maps, MAPS.ME and HERE WeGo.

Is Waze owned by Google? ›

Waze is a community-driven navigation map app that was acquired by Google (GOOG) in 2013. It is now a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google's parent company. Waze updates its users on the go to avoid traffic snarls, see where other users are on the road, and get recommendations on nearby restaurants and other amenities.

Is Waze the same as Google Maps? ›

As for the app itself, Waze takes a different approach than Google Maps. In a nutshell, Waze is a community-driven navigation app, whereas Google Maps takes a data-driven approach. Waze users can alert other drivers about accidents, heavy traffic, speed traps, police control, and more.

Can Google Maps Plan a route with multiple stops? ›

Yes, Google Maps can plan a route with multiple stops. You can add up to 10 addresses in the Google route planner. Plus, you can also rearrange your stop in the desired order, you can send a planned route to your phone or share it with your delivery drivers.

Is TomTom better than Google Maps? ›

In conclusion, if your only goal is driving navigation and learning about road closures or hazards, then TomTom is the better choice. However, if you want the most accurate data worldwide, a street view and a few extra new features, then you can stick to using Google Maps instead.

Is Waze completely free? ›

Waze is free of charge to download and use for everyone, but phone and carrier data rates continue to apply. Because Waze receives and delivers real-time road information related to your route, we strongly encourage having a mobile data plan with your mobile service provider in order to use Waze on the go.

Which navigation app is most accurate? ›

1. Google Maps
  • Google Maps provides the most efficient route for biking, walking, and driving.
  • Updates you about live traffic.
  • Google Maps Offers street view, accurate ETA, and offline navigation.
23 Dec 2021


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