5 Best Office Chairs For A Short Person – Size Does Matter (2023)

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Similarly, an office chair usually comes in an average size that caters to an average height person with a medium weight, which does not do anything for short people.

There is nothing to be sad about because, as in all scenarios, we have a solution for this problem too! All you have to do is look for an office chair that allows you to sit on the chair without feeling like you are in a kangaroo pouch!

No offense, but this happens when the chair is too big to accommodate a petite person. It is that your feet don't touch the floor. We only speak facts here, which is why we will provide you with smart solutions.

If you are under 5'3", you will know the pain of finding an office chair in a store full of chairs that come in a strict standard size with nowhere to go, and you end up using your baby sibling's chair, which is not even comfortable, but hey at least it lets you touch the ground.

Office Chair Seat Depth Adjustment: Pay AttentionsChairs come in plenty of shapes and sizes, and it cannot be easy to find one that fits perfectly. If you sit on an office chair for hours, you’ll want to ensure that the seat depth is adjustable to find a comfortable position. This is especially important if you have a tall or wide build.Beast Officepeck

Now I understand nothing is funny about that, and this is a serious case we have got there, so let's see what issues you might be facing when buying a chair that fits your size.

It would be best if you had a chair that allows you to fit your body so that you are comfortable in it without feeling too small or big for the chair. A good posture and painless sitting experience only come from getting an ideal chair with different height adjustments and seat sizes.

It would be best if you also had a footrest so that your entire body is balanced and supported on the chair without making you feel like you will slip at any minute. In addition, you also need sturdy wheels that can be fixated at one position to be more protective.

This article will present a collection of the five best office chairs for a short person chosen based on their height adjustment options, ergonomic design, contoured padding, different reclining options, etc.

Best Full back support Office Chair: SIDI Ringo Kids’ Desk Chair
Best Soft and thick seat cushion Office Chair: Steelcase Leap V2 Office Chair
Best embedded lumbar support Office Chair: Steelcase Amia Fabric Office Chair
Best Eco-friendly material Office Chair: Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair – Size A
Best Ergonomic & Headrest Office Chair: SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

5 Best Office Chairs For A Short Person – Make A Wise Decision

The five best office chairs for a short person showcased in this list are characterized based on their level of comfort, height, recline adjustment options, and, last but not least, customizable features.

SIDI Ringo Kids' Desk Chair

5 Best Office Chairs For A Short Person – Size Does Matter (3)

SIDI Ringo Kids' Desk Chair

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Now hang on a minute; you might think this is a kids chair, but hey, as we talked about before, people come in all shapes and sizes, so does this SIDIZ Ringo Kids' Desk Chair, which is ideal for kids, teenagers, and petite people who usually have a hard time finding a good comfortable chair for their use.

It is perfect with its curved seat that supports the entire back while you work for hours and lets you lay your back down for rest.

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It comes with four adjustment settings, which will allow you to have ample seating space and simultaneously allow comfortable adjustment according to the different sizes. Assembling this chair is a piece of cake, and it comes with a QR-assisted installation guide for a detailed guide plus, it only takes around 8 to 10 minutes.

This chair is ideal for people under 5'3" and will let short people utilize this chair in the office for a productive experience. If you have doubts about the product or any questions, this chair comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee and super helpful customer service, ready for your help at any time.

User feedback:

All users mentioned that this is not just a beautiful-looking chair but equally comfortable and easily accommodates a petite person. With sturdy material built to last, this product is a top tier in the world of chairs for short people.

It corrects and improves posture and stature with added comfort and stability around the entire seat. It rotates smoothly without the fear of tripping the kids over because the arms are supported along with the footrest feature.

The seat adjustment allows people to adjust the height according to the table or desk height for added comfort.

The users also say that the assembly was simple and fast. This product is detail-oriented and manufactured with care and thoughtfulness, providing soft, comfortable seating, protective features, and durable materials.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, it is an exquisite office chair ideal for kids to adults with short height who often complain about not finding an ideal height chair, and well, look no further, this chair is essentially a perfect choice for you. I highly recommend it.


  • Four-level adjustment features
  • Full back support & 3-year long warranty
  • Sit-lock caster wheels
  • Footrest for added support and stability
  • QR code assistance installation guide


  • None

Steelcase Leap V2 Office Chair

5 Best Office Chairs For A Short Person – Size Does Matter (4)

Steelcase Leap V2 Office Chair

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The Steelcase Leap V2 Office Chair is a fully revamped version where everything gets bigger and better! The whole chair is warranted for twelve long years! The new 65 mm caster wheels provide smooth mobility and firm grip on the floor, and a new gas cylinder delivers heavy-duty performance of around 400 lbs.

The arms perform all-around 4D with new arm pads for extra care and support. The new fabric on the chair is super smooth and soft with a new finish, and the seat cushion is much denser to provide height and comfort.

User Feedback

All users agree that this is a great remastered version of the original with adjustments that make a difference; for starters, the height adjustment provided by the thicker and soft foam seat allows the user to sit more comfortably while adding height as well.

The users say this chair is near to perfect as it performs and looks new, fresh, and better with the added benefits with no issues at all.

The product is easy to put together in just ten minutes. The fabric on the seat is soft and smooth, while the entire chair is sturdy with a strong weight, allowing a person with heavy stature to sit comfortably without any pain or uneasiness.

My verdict on the product:

If you are looking for comfort, durability, and a heavy-duty chair while accommodating a short-heightened person, this chair is perfect!

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  • 12-year long warranty
  • 4D arms
  • 400 lbs heavy-duty cylinder
  • Soft and thick seat cushion for added comfort
  • Head, armrest, and seat height adjustment options


  • None

Steelcase Amia Fabric Office Chair

5 Best Office Chairs For A Short Person – Size Does Matter (5)

Steelcase Amia Fabric Office Chair

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The Steelcase Amia Fabric Office Chair comes in four stylish color options ideal for any interior that gives off a professional look and feel.

The chair has arms that move to and from for a smooth forward and leaning motion and an upward and downward motion for increased adjustability.

The chair comes with a built-in lumbar support technology which you will experience while sitting on the chair that supports and mimics your every move so that your posture remains upright and corrected for a healthy and productive working experience.

The chair's performance does not waver upon experiencing the heaviest of people, and the padded arms help loosen the burden from your shoulders.

User feedback:

All users say this is a highly durable and stable office chair with versatile height adjustment and flexibility options to cater to users of different needs. The comfortable yet firm seat offers a soft cushion that relaxes you while you work and prevents your lower back from attaining any discomfort.

The users mention that the chair acts like a cradle that holds the entire body in place and reduces pressure around the lower back area.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, this is an excellent choice of office chair because it is versatile, one-of-a-kind, and provides unmatched comfort and support.


  • 4-way adjustable arms
  • It comes with an adjustable seat
  • Two handles that control the lumbar support feature
  • It comes with embedded lumbar support called the live lumbar
  • A ten-year long warranty


  • None

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size A

5 Best Office Chairs For A Short Person – Size Does Matter (6)

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size A

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This Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair is made of recycled materials which is a great step towards environmental protection. It comes with multiple adjustment settings, such as the lumbar support, achieved through 2 separate supportive pads that function independently.

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You can easily adjust them to align with your unique backbone shape for impeccable support.

The arms are adjustable and move back and forth, while the tilt limiter allows the user to set the recline at three different sitting positions. Sitting and working in a chair has never been more comfortable and stable, but you will never find out until you experience this chair which offers a balanced and supportive vessel.

User feedback:

Overall, the users praise this great product with great service by the brand, which is also crucial when you want to promote a specific product. As one user noted, the lumbar support feature on this chair is perfect and supports the lower back.

Still, the seat contour, padding, and armrests also play a quintessential role, following your natural body contour. The design is comfortable with multiple adjustment settings that allow the chair to be positioned and move as the user wants it to.

My verdict on the product:

I recommend this product because it is an innovatively designed ergonomic chair with a firm seat cushion and fully adjustable arms that will cater to all your needs.


  • Eco-friendly material
  • Lumbar support that supports natural spine shape
  • Tension control for comfortable reclining
  • Adjustable arms that move in and out
  • Breathable chair for better air circulation on hotter days


  • None

SIDI T50 Home Office Desk Chair

5 Best Office Chairs For A Short Person – Size Does Matter (7)

SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

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This SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair has a stylistic S-curved design which is shaped accordingly to cater to the natural spine curve, which not just looks modern and minimalist but also provides a way to correct the posture and help reduce slouching shoulders.

It has user-friendly customizable options with levers that are reachable for a short-heightened person without getting up from the chair.

This chair is built from premium-grade materials that are made to last forever, which is why the base might feel a bit heavy, but a good heavy. The office chair has five controlled tilt and recline options for added flexibility, allowing the user to achieve high levels of production and concentration while working or studying.

User feedback:

Overall, users deem this product as the most comfortable chair they have ever owned which is a cost-efficient product with excellent customer service.

This chair has that modern, elegant look and a comfortable feel that is sturdy, stable, and support personified. The users agree that every chair should have this, such as a mesh back that allows air circulation to keep the back cool and dry.

It has multiple adjustments on the tilt along with the forward tilt for added movability and increased focus. The seat cushion is supportive, soft, and doesn't flatten easily, even after two years!

The wheels glide perfectly on all flooring without making any creaky sounds. The overall adjustability and flexible options make it a great choice for short people looking for multiple adjustment options.

My verdict on the product:

Overall, this product is a good option because it is an adjustable chair that gives more control in the hands of a short person or, should I say, vertically challenged! On a serious note, this chair is as perfect as it can be.

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  • Ergonomic S-shaped design
  • 30-day money-back guarantee & 3-year long warranty
  • Five tilt settings
  • Mesh seat for a cooler experience
  • Headrest & lumbar support added


  • None


Why is it important to consider chair measurements?

It is important because you want to protect your body from sudden jolts that affect the lower back and pelvis area.

A large chair for a short to medium-sized person will always be out of balance, especially if you cannot put your feet on the ground. It will make your entire sitting experience uncomfortable and painful.

Is it necessary to buy a comfortable chair instead of a firm one?

A chair with a firm seat will allow your body weight to be distributed evenly without putting any strain on your neck, shoulders, back or lower back, or even the legs. If the seat is too soft, you will feel your body's weight causing discomfort around your pelvic region.

Buying Guide For Best Office Chairs For A Short Person

Short people may face more issues when finding a chair of their size even more than finding clothing for their size plus who wants children’s stuff when you are a grown up.

A functional and practical chair is adjustable, has quality construction that is durable and sturdy to last for a long time. Following are the criteria for buying an office chair for a short person.

Comfortable & Posture correcting

People with a short stature might find it difficult to find a comfortable chair based on their size and proportions because there usually are standard sizes especially for office and study chairs.

But a good office chair will tick all the boxes and accommodate the short person’s height without making them feel uncomfortable because of their short height or a bit of weight.

The design will be spacious enough to accommodate their entire body without pinching at places. A good chair will also have a posture correcting option which will allow the person to sit straight without feeling like they are too short to keep their feet on the ground.

In addition, the armrest, headrest, or the seat cushion should have either soft or contoured padding to keep the user comfortable yet alert and maintain their natural spine curve. The adding on the seat. back, headrest, arms, and the fabric also matters, you want a good surface that doesn’t get sweaty or causes allergy to the skin.

The fabric should also be non-slippery and teh chair should be easy to clean if anything spills on it. Ensure that the frame of the chair is rust-resistant or stainless.

Adjustable and personalized settings

A good office chair for a short person will be functional and practical so that the user is able to adjust it on numerous spots according to their sitting needs. Adjustable means it will have joints that are moveable in an up or down or tilting direction so to keep the user comfortable.

It will also be easy to have a footrest with the chair as many short people complain about their feet not touching the ground so a foot rest will allow their body to sit comfortably and remain concentrated without slouching or losing their balance.

The chair will also have a sturdy build, so for instance the entire frame should be strong enough to adjust, move in any direction, carry around, so it should be light and portable, it should have sturdy caster wheels for smooth movement on any surface whether it is a smooth floor, concrete, carpet or wood. Not just for movement, the wheels should be fixed in one place without slipping when the user is on the chair.

Installation & assembly

Make sure that the chair comes either pre-assembled or is easy to assemble and comes with a detailed and easy to follow instruction guide. Because the last thing you want is to end up being confused by getting a chair you don’t know how to put together.

It should also not have many parts even if it comes without installation. We need a chair that has less parts, is easy to put together and also, is easy to fix If any unfortunate issue comes along.

It should not take you more than 10 minutes, which is a standard for easy chair installation. Some chairs also come with a QR assisted installation guide or a detailed visual guide to help the users.

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Quality & Durability

The quality of a product does not only depend on its material or construction, or even the sturdiness. It also depends on the product to have good customer service if any assistance is required by the user at any time.

It also means that the product is detail-oriented and made with a customer-centric mindset which allows the user to know how thoughtful the manufacturer is, creating a loyal bond between the brand and the customer.

Also don’t forget that the quality also goes hand in hand with versatility, only a quality product can adjust in any environment with style and elegance plus functional usage. A product is durable when it stands the test of time which means it should have atleast five years of warranty and support from the company in case of any repairs.


How tall should office chairs be for short people? ›

You will need to find a chair with a minimum seat height of 16 inches if you are five-foot-six and 15 inches if you are five-foot-two. If you are shorter than five-foot-two, then you will want to find a chair that gets as low as 14 inches if you plan to have your feet flat on the floor.

What is the best seat depth for a short person? ›

Seat depths that are sixteen inches or less will be ideal for short people looking to have a chair fit them ergonomically. To know what depth you need for your seat, sit all the way back in your chair. Adjust your seat depth so there is a one-inch gap from the back of your knees to the front edge of the seat pan.

How tall should a desk be for 5 2? ›

Someone who is 5 feet 2 inches should use a desk that's at least 24 inches. That is about 6 inches lower than the standard desk height of 30 inches.

How tall should a desk be for a 5'5 person? ›

If you're 5 ft 5 in tall, your ideal desk should be 24 - 26.5 in tall.

What seat height do I need for my height? ›

The general rule of thumb used to calculate the optimal seat height range is to subtract 10” from the work surface height. This should be the mid-point of the chair's seat height range. Your seat height range should adjust at least 2.5” above and 2.5” below this mid-point.

What is a good height for a chair for elderly? ›

Seat height is also important and should be around 18” with the arm height around 26” so that they fit under the apron of the table. These are the baseline dimensions that we look for when selecting a chair that will be placed around a table.

Is it better to sit high or low in a office chair? ›

The correct chair height is when both your feet (with shoes), are flat on the floor and your knees are slightly lower than the level of your hips. By sitting with your knees below the level of your hips you reduce the rotation of the pelvis which in turn reduces the pressure in the lumbar discs.

How many inches do you need for a seat? ›

The general rule of thumb is to allow 24 inches of space for every person gathered around your table. Most side chairs range between 16” wide and 24” wide, with arm chairs being as wide as 30”.

How many inches is deep seating? ›

Typically, a deep seating sofa has a depth greater than 40”. This allows someone on the sofa to lean back or to lay down comfortably across it. Meanwhile, a shallow seat usually has a depth between 31” and 40”, which offers an upright seated position that puts your feet on the floor and supports your back.

How do you choose the seat depth of an office chair? ›

The seat pan should allow you to sit touching the back of the chair with a one inch/three cm gap behind your knee – if it is too deep it can restrict circulation and cause knee problems.

Is 27 inches too short for a desk? ›

Standard Desk Dimensions

For people between 5 feet, 8 inches tall and 5 feet, 10 inches tall, the proper height is anything between 28 inches and 30 inches. Those who are shorter or taller than that height range may find it a little difficult working with such a height.

How tall should an office chair be? ›

A seat height that ranges from about 16 to 21 inches off the floor should work for most people. This allows the user to have his or her feet flat on the floor, with thighs horizontal and arms even with the height of the desk.

Is a 48 inch desk too small? ›

Small: If you have limited space, you might want to consider a small desk. These are less than 40 inches wide and work well in dorms, apartments, and small rooms. Medium: Medium desks range between 40 and 60 inches wide – the most common desk dimensions.

What is the most comfortable desk height? ›

Average Desk Height

The standard desk height typically ranges from 28 to 30 inches and is best suited for people around 5 feet 8 inches tall. It is based on people's average height, and should give you the ability to rest your shoulders and elbows in a comfortable posture.

Is it better for a desk to be too high or too low? ›

Is It Better To Sit Higher Or Lower At A Desk? Neither option is ideal. Sitting too high or too low can encourage slumping, stress the shoulder muscles and arm muscles, and permanently affect your posture.

Is it better to have a desk too high or too low? ›

In short, if your desk is too high, you may experience shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand discomfort. On the contrary, if your desk is too low, you may lean forward when you work or extend your arms forward to use the keyboard/mouse (especially if the armrests of the chair interfere with the desk).

What's the lowest seat height? ›

The world's lowest place on earth is the Dead Sea located in Jordan and Israel, with an elevation amounting to approximately 414 meters below sea level.

How do I know if my seat is too high? ›

- A stable foot - there should not be excessive toe down or heel down. - A smooth pedal stroke - a “dead spot” or a feeling of losing contact at the bottom of the pedal stroke may mean the saddle is too high. - Not continually moving on saddle - we often move forward or back on the saddle to find ideal knee extension.

What does seat height mean for chair? ›

Chair seat height describes the measure from the floor to the top of the chair's seat and is one of the determinants of whether a chair will fit comfortably under a table or counter. The two most common dining chair seat height ranges are 18" – 23" and 24" – 26".

Which chair is best for old age? ›

Riser recliner chairs

Riser recliners for the elderly can assist in safe standing and sitting, enabling more daily activity and less sedentary sitting. They can be a huge benefit to people who might tire quickly, and where pain is variable. For this reason, they are an especially good chair for old people.

Why is chair height important? ›

Seat height is important for maintaining independence and function if the user is ambulant or able to rise to standing for transfers. If the chair's seat height is too high, the user will be unstable when they rise to standing or it will encourage posterior pelvic tilt as the user seeks foot support.

Do all chairs need to be same height? ›

There is no rule that your sofa and living room chair height need to be the same.

Should your feet touch the floor in a chair? ›

You should have good foot contact with the floor or have a large footrest for support. Seat depth should allow you to sit back to make contact with the backrest with about 3-fingers clearance between underside of knee and the front edge of chair.

Should you tilt your office chair forward? ›

Holding this slightly forward pelvic posture on your chair puts pressure on the muscles around the pelvis and can be hard to hold, so forward tilted chair seats (FTS) are recommended. The angle that has been shown to be optimal is 20-30 degrees forward and down.

Is high back or mid back office chair better? ›

Essentially, a mid-back office chair offers reasonable support to the mid and lower back. Although many office workers prefer a high back office chair, it's not a superb choice, especially if you have limited workspace. If you need to perform many tasks and move back and forth, a mid-back office chair is your best bet.

What height desk do I need for my height? ›

(Your height in inches) + 1 = Your perfect desk height in cm

Ideally, a height adjustable desk should be set to elbow height, so that when in use the forearm and upper arm are perpendicular with the elbow bent at a 90-degree angle.

Is it better to have desk chair high or low? ›

Puleio recommends raising or lowering your seat until your thighs are parallel to the floor with your feet flat on the floor (or on a footrest if your feet cannot rest comfortably). You should aim to have two inches of clearance between the back of your knees and the edge of your seat.

What height chair do I need for a 30 inch desk? ›

The general rule of thumb used to calculate the optimal seat height range is to subtract 10” from the work surface height. This should be the mid-point of the chair's seat height range. Your seat height range should adjust at least 2.5” above and 2.5” below this mid-point.

What is the standard chair height? ›

The seat of a Standard height chair will be at about 18 to 22 inches from the ground, its matching standard dining table height standing at 28 to 32 inches. These seats usually have taller backs than the other sizes, and are often designed and built with arms.

How do you tell if a chair is too big for you? ›

Check the space between your calves and the front edge of your chair by making a fist: If you can fit your full fist between the front edge of the chair and your calves, you have enough space. If not, your chair is too deep and it creates blood circulation, brain activity, and alertness issues, among others.

What is the recommended chair height for elderly? ›

Seat height is also important and should be around 18” with the arm height around 26” so that they fit under the apron of the table. These are the baseline dimensions that we look for when selecting a chair that will be placed around a table.

What happens if your chair is too high? ›

A chair that's too low can cause lower-back pain, carpal-tunnel syndrome and rotator-cuff strain in the shoulder. A chair that's too high can lead to what's called Golfer's Elbow—pain and inflammation on the inner side of the elbow.

Is it better to sit on the edge of a chair? ›

You're going to want to sit as far back in your chair as possible, so your back is right up against the back of your chair — which, ideally, will have some kind of lumbar and neck support. Don't sit on the edge of your chair. Don't hunch over your computer. Don't slouch.


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